Boutique Hotels


  • 866 Camp Street - sold out
  • Lengsfield Lofts - sold out
  • Medallion Building Lofts - sold out
  • Natchez Street Lofts - sold out
  • National Rice Mill Lofts
  • Paragon Lofts - sold out
  • Walle Building Lofts - sold out
  • Whitney & Sloo Lofts - sold out



220 camp street
5th floor
new orleans la 70130
t 504 593 9494
Ekistics Vision Statement

ekistics, inc., a New Orleans-based real estate development firm, creates uncommonly beautiful residential lofts and boutique hotels. The word “ekistics” literally means “of settlements” or says CEO Sean Cummings, “The study of where and why people live where they do.”

Central to this design-driven company is the belief that (01) the great cities of the world have shifted from places one must go for a job to places we choose to live for the quality of life and (02) exceptionally beautiful design uplifts the human spirit and enriches the quality of one’s life. As such, ekistics’s projects are built unwaveringly around singularly strong ideas. They are created by gifted designers. They reveal relentless attention to detail. And, as Anne Cutler said so well, they showcase “…the product values that deliver human values which never change: love, pride, joy, the family, self-esteem.”

Cummings explains, “I love cities, the energy of great cities and this one especially…In these loft buildings, somehow we all find a sense of human connectedness with those who have come before us, those here today and those who will come after us. Our approach is much like Frank Lloyd Wright’s notion of “organic architecture” designed to rise naturally and appropriately from the time, place and people it is intended to serve or Aldo Rossi’s similar idea of the “urban artifact” which brings in far more than the physical building via a connection to general human life. People respond to our buildings because in them they discover authentic and imaginatively designed spaces which celebrate life. It is definitely a spiritual practice for us, and people sense it.”